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Data Protection, Identification

and AML checks and provenance

and tracking of funds 


Data, Identity and Provenance are key in a globalized market place in the technological era. 


Most financial institutions, including wealth and asset managers, banks and transfer agents are using “legacy” technology which is: 

  • Not compliant with anti money laundering and data protection legislation

  • Inefficient


New legislation together with the entrance of newer players in the market are forcing institutions to update systems.


Compliance legislation is growing in volume and the frequency with which it is issued.


Data Protection, Customer Identification and AML checks and provenance and tracking of funds are facilitated by IAMAML.



IAMAML is an integrative solution facilitating compliance with client monies regulations, anti money laundering directives and data protection regulation such as CASS, AMLD and GDPR.

  • Client funds can be identified and protected enabling CASS compliance and easier reporting. 

  • Personal information can be deleted without adversely impacting retained transactions 

  • Reduction in both cost and risk of compulsory AML processes




Visual depictions and list depictions of relationships between persons at up to 9 steps removed (further tracking of relationships is also possible if specialist checks need to be made).

The Team

The Team


IAMAML was born from a collaboration between lawyers who have worked on the pertinent commercial and legal issues over the past decade and PhD students and Professors at Imperial College who had tackled the component technical issues

required to solve this problem. Members of the team have worked inside organisations addressing these problems cross jurisdictionally and cross departmentally over sustained periods of time and this has impacted the build.

Data and compliance issues dealt with by team members include:  


  • Complex data issues such as data exchange under HSBC’s monitorship following the deferred prosecution agreement with the US Department of Justice,

  • Screenscraping of data (inc IP issues) Ryanair/Odigeo,

  • Data transfers in payment processing, 

  • GDPR programs and AML And regulatory compliance for retail banks, wealth managers, asset managers and transfer agents.

Technical issues dealt with include:


  • Assessing relationships between all data entrants (a feature we do not believe exists elsewhere)

  • Separating personal data from transactional data without system compromise

  • Tracking of fund provenance

Born of a frustration while advising financial institutions that many organisations were scaremongering to sell solutions but failing to deliver (either technically or legally) IAMAML was born from  “it’s easier to do it ourselves then to work with what’s out there when on close analysis none of it was meeting client expectations.”

Customer Benefits

Customer Benefits

Control of their data

Speed of onboarding

Centralisation of managing their accounts and profile

Better assurances of care of their data through the transfer cycle

Administrator Benefits

Administrator Benefits

Saves time verifying and onboarding customers

Centralisation of customer information

Easier to comply with legislation in particular regarding transfers and deletion

Better able to assess AML risk

and relationships between connected parties

Centralisation of their activitites


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